Month: October 2019

Who the heck researches headlights??

What sort of person spends days away from developing their game to do serious, studious research, taking pages of notes, sketching diagrams, and doing physical in-game demos and testing to mimic headlight regulations around the world…? This sort of person, that’s who! Did you know that there are strict guidelines in all countries surrounding headlight brightness, positions, angles, materials, and […]


Something Extra Special

In my last post I talked about where part of the idea for my road-lite, Nightvision, came from (more on the rest of the origin of the game some other time), and I touched a bit about how a rogue-like’s CHALLENGE plus RANDOM LEVELS combine to make something special… which is what I was going for and am pleased as […]


What’s a Road-Lite?

Once upon a time, eons ago (at least in videogame years) there was a little RPG that came out with randomly generated dungeons to crawl, named Rogue*. The game was very popular, and imitations of it sprung up almost immediately — dubbed rogue-likes — which is in fact still a popular genre to this day (as you may be aware). […]