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Fact Sheet


  • Realistic seat-of-your-pants racing featuring the challenge of limited visibility; is that a sheer mountain pass lurking in the darkness, or a switchback on the edge of a cliff?
  • Randomly generated terrain. Never the same drive twice.
  • Lost desert highways engineered by RoadGen™ artificial intelligence in real-time carve through the random hillsides.
  • Engaging story integrated seamlessly without long cut-scenes taking away from the action.
  • Sandbox mode: to practice, hand-craft unique challenges, or leave up to the RNG gods.
  • One BILLION world seeds, four different RoadGen™ algorithms, and over a dozen road and world settings, offer >10 QUINTILLION levels. Play ’em all!
  • Share your favorite level passphrases with your friends and dare them to make it as fast or as far. Or just repeat your favorites and try for better times.
  • Literal Endless mode to test your endurance or just enjoy a relaxing drive.
  • Spectacular crashes! Die over and over and love every minute. Wincing has never been so much fun.
  • No map. No memorizing the “track”. No getting bored.
  • Gripping original soundtrack that mirrors the tension of the drive.
  • Experience the thrill (and fear) of what lies in the darkness ahead.


Nightvision is the first road-lite game combining an intense nighttime highway driving simulation with Roguelike elements such as randomly generated, endless levels. To begin with, all you know is that you need to get somewhere fast, but the road is smooth and straight so that should be no problem, right? You’re soon met with chaotically swerving roads, blind hills, inclement weather, retina-searing headlights, and more. If you fail a segment you can try again, but the road isn’t quite how you remember it…

Hone your driving skills, learn how to really push your humble car, and rely on your instincts, featuring the unique challenges of fast driving through a lonesome mountainscape, limited visibility, and no luxury of the same drive twice. Practice and enjoy an easy endless drive, or hand-craft your own blistering challenges to taunt your friends with in Sandbox Mode, giving you free rein to create over 10 quintillion different level variations.

Will you see the night through?


Hoodust Enterprises is a solo-developer studio that creates unique gaming experiences that feel somehow familiar. Manifesting his lifelong passion to design games, Mike Novak will be releasing Hoodust Enterprises’ debut title, Nightvision, in Fall 2020.

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