dash gauges are go
  • dashboard gauges! got it working, made some REDACTED-ish ones, got em calibrated! some bug is making the indicators (current gear, rev limiter indicator, headlight icon, etc.) not update. they work occasionally if I change something like the max engine RPM (sometimes) and then won’t in subsequent plays. super random. spent a lot of time going through code but haven’t gotten it working consistently yet. maybe move this code to a script we know is working, like the one that draws the speed labels (now hidden) and needles.
    • bug was due to code not running when game controlling the car (rolling start). took a SHITLOAD of re-coding to get it to work because the other method made the gauges inaccurate and there was no way to adjust them without recoding parts. f***.
  • got eye adaptation to work! many tweaks to settings to get it looking nice. set up/down speed to 0.5 so it takes about 6 seconds to adapt (which feels like an eternity when you’re flying down a highway and can barely seeā€¦ ahh haahaaahaahahahahahahaaaa!).
  • playing with car variables while dialing in gauge accuracy: torque, max rpm, # gears, etc. to get things feeling as REDACTED as possible.
  • lots of testing