Who the heck researches headlights??

What sort of person spends days away from developing their game to do serious, studious research, taking pages of notes, sketching diagrams, and doing physical in-game demos and testing to mimic headlight regulations around the world…? This sort of person, that’s who! Did you know that there are strict guidelines in all countries surrounding headlight brightness, positions, angles, materials, and […]


Something Extra Special

In my last post I talked about where part of the idea for my road-lite, Nightvision, came from (more on the rest of the origin of the game some other time), and I touched a bit about how a rogue-like’s CHALLENGE plus RANDOM LEVELS combine to make something special… which is what I was going for and am pleased as […]


What’s a Road-Lite?

Once upon a time, eons ago (at least in videogame years) there was a little RPG that came out with randomly generated dungeons to crawl, named Rogue*. The game was very popular, and imitations of it sprung up almost immediately — dubbed rogue-likes — which is in fact still a popular genre to this day (as you may be aware). […]

dash gauges are go

Dash gauges are go!

dashboard gauges! got it working, made some REDACTED-ish ones, got em calibrated! some bug is making the indicators (current gear, rev limiter indicator, headlight icon, etc.) not update. they work occasionally if I change something like the max engine RPM (sometimes) and then won’t in subsequent plays. super random. spent a lot of time going through code but haven’t gotten […]


Played with post-processing effects pretty much all day. figured out how to have post-processing affect the menu text but didn’t like that effect (and took some work to troubleshoot problems after all the crap I went through to get it to work). main menu looks fantastic now though! played with a script to exclude certain objects (such as terrain) from […]

Now we can lose two ways! Yay!

aaaaand fixed minor bug from yesterday. reloading the scene but still using Time.time (time since game start) so changed to Time.timeSinceLevelLoad. easy peasey. told ya. fixed main menu to work with mouse selection again (fade-from-black image was blocking mouseovers) but now controller/keyboard input doesn’t work… fixed keyboard/controller menu input. it actually WAS selecting with kb/controller, just wasn’t visibly highlighting. this […]

The first (of many) major bug FIXES

squashed the MAJOR BUG. lol! can now reload the level all day erryday and the references don’t break. tried a zillion reference methods over the last two days, and solved it by adding a TerrainGenerator field to the RoadGen inspector, dropping the MappyLand script in there, and deriving the dictionary from that. however… this uncovered a MINOR BUG, where on […]

The first (of many) major bugs

basic main menu is done UI, moving in and out of pages, launching game, exiting, all work TODO are options and the many sandbox settings added a lot of little polishes, like fading in/out, loading message, build number, etc. after finishing a level run (out-of-time lose condition) it fades to black and the main menu fades back in, BUT: found […]

lost highway main menu

Lost Highway

built basic Game Handler script, to persist data between scenes and save it made (probably) all the base road textures I’ll need for the game built main menu scene/script, with lost highway-esque road flying by! (honestly I didn’t plan this… it just seemed logical. but after creating it I was like oh snap that reminds me of the beginning of […]

The beginning of the end (of your drive)

had to fix ALL missing references and variable settings on all scripts due to unity bug and/or improper save/shutdown. 2+ hours of work just to get back to where we were yesterday sigh fixed lights to work with scripts. moved car objects to separate layer (ignored by lights/flares) but still not getting flares to work modified car code to always […]